Reel Saltwater Outdoors Radio Show

Realizing the need for an up to date and reliable fishing information source, Capt. Chris developed the Reel Saltwater Outdoors Radio Show concept and began broadcasting "live from his charter boat" in 2008. Since then, his Monday thru Friday reports have been heard by hundreds of thousands of hard core angling enthusiasts via radio airwaves or through live streamed internet. The show is a "locals" favorite, providing real-time fishing reports, conservation tips, seasonal guidelines, and tide predictions from Sarasota to Ft. Myers.

In 2010 the morning reports morphed into the Reel Saltwater Outdoors in-studio show. Since then, it’s become one of the most listened to broadcasts on the Florida outdoor sports radio airwaves. The show has been syndicated in various markets and is currently broadcasting from the studios of WENG. The SW Florida geographical broadcast area exceeds over 200k potential listeners per day. The host station WENG, is known as the "Information Station," and has held the #1 SW Florida ranking for Talk Radio and News for decades. The station is home to nationally syndicated broadcasters like The RSO Show, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and others.

Captain Chris reports relevant data from his charters along with input from other local seasoned guides as well as his sponsors. Anglers that do not have the opportunity to be on the water daily, find this information very useful when it's their chance to go fishing or boating. Chris' unique perspective provides a huge advantage to his listeners heading out for their day on the water. Due to listener and advertiser demand, Capt. Chris recently added hunting and diving/spearfishing to the format. The new categories immediately doubled the potential ratings categories, and listenership is now at an all-time high.

The Reel Saltwater Outdoors Radio Show originally spawned during an ordinary fishing outing several years ago. Capt. Chris noticed that magazines and newspapers are commonly weeks or months old, and much of the specific information is dated and no longer relevant. Capt. Chris often says “Our fish move from estuary to estuary continually, and it is important to know what's happening in real-time”. Furthermore, with the ever changing influx of species in the locality, it is imperative that anglers are abreast of "what's biting and how to catch them."

The Reel Saltwater Outdoors radio show is a labor of love to Capt. Chris. With so many anglers and boaters tuning in via radio and streamed internet, expect many more years of FISH ON, FISH ON, radio.

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