Conducting Research - Goliath Grouper Fishing in Boca Grande

Goliath Grouper History And Angling Legalities

Goliath Grouper Fishing In Boca Grande (aka Jewfish) is unquestionably one of the most powerful species that occupies the ocean.  This prolific sea monster can exceed 600 pounds and makes its seasonal habitat in our local inshore and nearshore waters. Overfishing in the 70's and 80's led to prohibition from harvest in 1990, and placement on the protected species list. Since then, they have made an enormous comeback and are again plentiful but currently remain protected. It is not advisable to target goliath grouper unless you have an experienced guide with the proper equipment and preferably an FWC issued permit (Capt Chris ONeill) to allow for legal possession to study and photograph during your angling adventure. Harvesting is not authorized and Capt. Chris will safely release the fish unharmed at the conclusion of our sampling.   

Capt. Chris ONeill - Researching Goliath Grouper

Capt. Chris is known as the "Goliath Captain", and is currently the world-record holder for most Goliaths caught and tagged during his years of research. He and his clients have dedicated nearly a decade conducting scientific studies during actual charters onboard the Tail Chaser. Capt. Chris has previously worked in partnership with the Universities of Florida, Florida State, Florida Gulf Coast and is currently one of a select handful of guides licensed in the state of Florida by the FWC to possess and collect data which will further assist in the understanding of this magnificent creature. Capt. Chris has become a go-to guide to catch Goliath's for countless TV Networks, filming multiple nationally award winning shows which have been seen collectively in over 40 million homes.

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Goliath Grouper angling is considered extreme and exciting! For most it is a once in a lifetime fish to target and land.  The brute strength exuded by this fish is immeasurable, resulting in anglers traveling from around the world to "feel the burn" when hooked up with the Tail Chaser.  Through his extensive studies, Capt. Chris has developed custom equipment and techniques to effectively hunt and safely land the world's largest grouper species.  A mate is usually onboard to ensure safety and a better hook up/landing ratio. Expect the fight of your life!

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Goliath trips can be combined with tarpon and other charters when possible.